Zimbabweans: A year on, have our electoral choices bettered or worsened our lives?

Cannicious Nkala is a member of ZAPU National People’s Council and ZAPU’s Shadow Member of Parliament for Gwanda Central.

By Cannicious Nkala

A year has gone by since we voted in the last general elections and the question we should be asking ourselves is, have our electoral choices brought us any joy?

Have our lives changed and if so, has the change been for the better? Are the people we voted in our respective wards and constituencies even still here with us – sharing in our joy and feeling the pain that we feel?  

It is so disheartening that some of the people we voted have been very vocal in complaining, while among the promises they gave ahead of the election was that they would lead us in finding solutions.

Instead of bringing change to our fortunes, those we voted into total control of our urban centres are ignoring the power vested on them by the Urban Councils Act to lead complaints and protests against national government, while those in charge of national government are yelling at the West over “sanctions”.

Underneath the feet of these political failures are you and I – ordinary men and women, having the extra burden of having to fetch fired wood from the same bushes where we draw water from boreholes during the day and defecate during the cover of darkness. Electricity and water have disappeared into the same holes that guzzled our liquidity and swallowed our jobs.

Isn’t it time we learned that we should vote people who should lead us towards finding solutions than those who will join us in complaining while earning large sums of money, getting fat allowances, spending time in expensive hotels, driving expensive cars, living corruptly and passing obnoxious laws?

In areas where some semblance of development has been seen, has that development been what we have been craving for? Have we been part of the decision-making and have we had any word on how Constituency Development Fund should be used and have we been given any reports on how our money has been spent by our elected servants?

My question is, are the elected ones still the servants we can send as per our constituency concerns, do they respect us as stakeholders or they still think for us and eat for us?

I personally still believe we can make Zimbabwe great, I believe we can together make Zimbabwe productive, I believe that working together and with focus, we can come up with better solutions, as long as we consult people. I am a servant of the people and believe I did not lose but l learnt.

I believe that we have reached a stage in both our life and politics that we should strive for and get servant leadership – accountable leadership that listens to and consults the people, for a people-oriented solution is always a winner.

Zimbabweans have suffered a lot for the greater part of the last 39 years and we need leaders who will positively impact on their lives. We have to accept the nation is a failed state and thereby, begin to think about the future.

I am a Zimbabwean and I believed I have a duty to contribute to the turn-around of the country’s economy.

Cannicious Nkala is a member of ZAPU National People’s Council and ZAPU’s Shadow Member of Parliament for Gwanda Central. He writes here in his personal capacity and can be contacted via email: canniciousnkala@gmail.com

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