“Why are you not arresting the Chinese?” ACRM raps South African government for ill-treating African migrants

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JOHANNESBURG – The African Civil Revolutionary Movement this week rapped the South African government for its alleged discriminatory attitude against African migrants who live within the country’s shores.

South Africa is home to millions of migrants from all over the world, but authorities only target those from poor African countries for operations targeting crime, trade in counterfeit goods and illegal migration.

A number of operations meant to search for counterfeit goods and expired food products, especially in Johannesburg, have been directed at shops run by East Africans, while illegal migration operations have seemingly been designed to target mainly Zimbabweans, Malawians and Mozambicans.

During a protest outside the Johannesburg Central Magistrates’ Court ahead of the court appearance of more than 400 African migrants – raided during a reactionary police operation in the Johannesburg CBD last week, ACRM President, Teenage Moosa Kumbe suggested the war against African migrants was a capitalist creation.  

“We feel this was very unfair, in terms of our fellow brothers who were arrested unjustly and unlawfully, based on the allegations that they were the ones who were throwing stones at the police,” said Kumbe, whose organisation is advocating for a united Africa.

“We think there is footage that the police must bring forward to show where this all started and identify all the suspects that were behind all that, than rounding just about everybody. We appeal to black people to unite and be one strong nation. We cannot continue to fight among ourselves over nothing, over the makings of white capitalists who want to take over our land. We can see where all this is going, these people want to turn black people into seeing enemies out of one another. We appeal to South Africans to unite with our fellow brothers, Somalis, Ethiopians and all the others are from Africa and we therefore, need to unite with them and be one.”

While admitting it was the job of immigration officials to deal with those who were in the country in illegally, Kumbe said the recent treatment of black migrants flew in the face of Mandela’s legacy of a rainbow nation out of South Africa.

“Mandela’s legacy was unity to the people and he spoke of a rainbow nation. It is amazing when they say ‘Rainbow Nation’ but only look at only a black skin. Where is justice and rainbow nation when only our fellow Africans are always a criminals? Who are the people who are manufacturers of fake goods, are they not Chinese? Why are there no Chinese arrested?”

Kumbe questioned the country’s national intelligence services and other government bodies like the South African Revenue Services for their failure to stop the illegal shipment of counterfeit goods, illegal firearms and human trafficking, adding those who were unlawfully arrested should be released immediately, while the courts only deal with those who are found to be illegally in the country.

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