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The Voice of The Vulnerable


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1.Malema Makhura of Makhura royal house,the second senior house after Dauyatswala fought against Ngwato and their whites allies.

2. MALEMA MAKHURA settled along Motloutse and Limpopo river at a place now commonly known as Northern Tuli at Mmamakwa.

3. Other Babirwa settled at different places across blouberg hills in South Africa,(limpopo and shashe river) Botswana up to Gwanda in current Zimbabwe.

4.Ngwato informed disintegrated Babirwa that the land they settled in belong to Bangwato therefore they must pay tax and later they were forced to move to a central place so they pave way to the white elites to settle along the fertile river bank of limpopo.

5. Some royal houses flee to current Zimbabwe while others went to Northern Transvaal.Others surrendered to Ngwato,but Malema Makhura resisted the Ngwato supremacy.

6.Malema Makhura and his subjects suffered severe torcher and economic loss as children and women were abducted, men killed and scorched earth policy was applied on their farms and houses,their cattle and other livestocks raided.

7. Other tribesmen from different places across Bobirwa were forced to settle at central place presently called Bobonong for easy monitoring and control.

8. Malema’s sons with their wifes and and other tribesmen were captured, and jail in Serowe at Basimaneng ward while their heads of cattle and other belongings were kept at Paje.

9. (reference to point 7.) those tribesmen surrendered and “accepted” the Ngwato rule. yet Malema Makhura continued being stubborn and resilient to Ngwato rule.

10.Malema Makhura managed to escape to Northern Transvaal and was able to appoint his own attorney who promised him 1000 heads of cattle as payment. for his services.He surrendered himself to Serowe and Ngwato spared him and gave him option to surrendered and join others in Bobonong.

11. Malema Makhura continued with his resistance and ask the white administration and Ngwato to allow him return to his forefathers’ land back in Mmamakwa or else he challenge their objection at the court of laws.

12.Negotiations between Ngwato and Malema with his people led to Malema and his subject settle just 20 kms away from Bobonong. at a place called Molalatau after he was asked to settle around Boteti area while he insisted to go back to Mmamakwa or just across shashe river in Bolambaphela present Zimbabwe.

The fighter is gone but he left us a great task to accomplish.TOTAL INDEPENDENCE FROM NGWATO.

By Mix Malema

Source: Facebook Pure Babirwa

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