Sicelo “Sibbs” releases a solo album

By Christopher Ncube

Johannesburg;- South Africa based Sisters of paradise gospel group
member, Siceliwe Sibanda, has gone solo and released her first solo
album titled Unzima lomthwalo. Sibanda, popularly known as Sibbs in
music circles, started her music career with Isindiso yamaNazaretha as a
backing vocalist.
Born in Nkayi at an area called Mbondweni, Sibbs grew up singing at
school and she never looked back. She said that she took inspiration
from the gospel divas such as Rebbecca Malope and Sipho “The Big Fish”

“I like singing and it makes me happy to find myself preaching the
word of God through music. I want to thank the Sisters of Paradise
band for giving me the platform to gauge my strength in singing,” said
Sibanda adding that she wishes to work extra hard and unite gospel
musicians like other music genres.
She said, “Gospel music is not growing because of our failure to work
together like what other genres do such as the maskandi artists.
I hope that my brothers and sisters who sing gospel would come
together and work as a unit.”
Sibanda said she decided to release her solo album in 2015 after death
robbed her of her mother. She said the album takes her through memory lanes when her mother gave her some singing tips.
“My mother remains my pillar of strength. She used to encourage me to
work hard if I wish to see my dreams come true. This album is
dedicated to her, I hope the heavens will open up and make things flow

“I pray God to assist me succeed in this field so that I can help the needy and the orphans out there.”
Though Sibanda has released her solo album, she believes that she owes
the Sisters of paradise a big thank you by working hand in hand with
them. She said she will always be their member and wants to achieve
more with them.
“I am what I am today because of Sisters of paradise, so there is no
way I can dump them just like that. We still have a long way to go as
a group.”


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