Pan-African Parliament opens with calls for a united continent

Staff Reporter

JOHANNESBURG – President of the Pan African Parliament, Roger Nkodo Dang, this week opened the continental house of assembly by urging calls for united and progressive Africa.

“We need you as Speakers and Clerks of national parliaments to establish a unitary and functional Africa,” said Nkodo as he addressed the conference of the ongoing Ordinary Session of the Permanent Committee Sittings of the Pan African Parliament’s Fifth Parliament.

“There are people out there who are sabotaging Africa and its executive institutions that are development driven. We would like to urge you as our national parliaments to shape a correct and better continent for all Africans. We rely on you and we need to come together and work together. As the PAP we are here to partner up and working with you to achieve the work that lies ahead your way.”

Aimed at promoting the ownership of the theme of the African Union for 2019 and 2020 and its implementation at national level, the conference is held under the theme, “Towards durable solutions to forced migration to accelerate integration and development in Africa: role of national and regional parliaments”.

Nkodo challenged the Speakers and Clerks to lobby their parliaments and countries to ratify all outstanding protocols being advocated for by the continent at various levels.

“As our clerks and speakers of parliament we are also relying on you to get all protocols ratified. Can you see to it that every country ratifies all outstanding protocols urgently. We need to seriously pull in one direction as a continent. I would like it if you priorities challenging everyone out there to ratify protocols. I believe that if you are to walk out of this conference having taken a stand to prioritise the ratification of protocols all will be great for Africa,” added Nkodo, who decried the brain-drain in most member states, as young people in various parts of Africa continue to seek greener pastures, ending up getting trapped in more complex and dangerous environments.

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