Nigerian man dies in SA, widow needs urgent assistance

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JOHANNESBURG – The widow of a Nigerian who died last week is seeking assistance from well-wishers, towards the burial her husband.

The widow – a South African woman, Edith Martins, lost her husband to kidney failure two weeks ago and is now seeking urgent assistance to either repatriate the remains or bury her husband locally, as she is not financially able to fund the burial on her own.

According to a well–wisher who is now providing emotional assistance to the widow, John Daley Martins died of kidney failure two weeks ago.

“He had kidney failure and was admitted to Helen Joseph Hospital, where he later died,” said the well-wisher.

“He passed away two weeks ago and his widow is unable to repatriate his remains and also unable to bury him here due to financial constraints. I don’t know her at all but I am trying to find help. I asked the Nigerian community in Windsor if they knew the deceased. They agreed and said they were organising money. But no one has made contact with the widow.”

The well-wisher, who did not know the widow until her current predicament, said effort to get assistance from the Nigerian embassy had also proved fruitless for the widow, as she was told she could not be assisted.

“I have a situation and I am asking assistance for. I don’t know the lady but I was touched by her situation and I’m the only person she is leaning on. She has no one to help her. What can be done to assist this lady? Repatriation process will take another two weeks. She needs R16000 to bury her late husband.”

Those seeking to assist the widow can contact her via: +27 81 067 8167

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