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Krejcir’s family reiterates complaint over jail treatment – report

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Radovan Krejcir needs his foam mattress because his back is taking strain in prison, his family said in a reiteration of concerns over his treatment in prison. 

IOL reported that on Saturday his family feels he is getting inhumane treatment as he serves out his 35-year sentence at Leeuwkop Maximum Security prison in Johannesburg.

“His rights are being violated in countless ways,” said family spokesperson Marlene Krejcir. 

The 50-year old was apparently not getting adequate healthcare and was unable to contact his attorneys and family.

Searches also left his court preparation notes jumbled. 

The report repeated an earlier demand that he also be given the foam mattress he needs because of his back issues, as ordered by a court.

Correctional Services spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo was quoted as saying: “It should be noted that the department will continue to provide the same humane incarceration to offenders, including Radovan Krejcir, without compromising their human rights and security.”

Krejcir is tangled in a web of cases including a trial for a 2013 hit on Lebanese drug dealer Sam Issa.

His Leeuwkop imprisonment is after being convicted of attempted murder and kidnapping in 2015.

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