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Karima Brown had turned to the courts, seeking a declaration that EFF leader Julius Malema contravened parts of the electoral code.

JOHANNESBURG – Lawyers representing veteran journalist and talk show host Karima Brown asked the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg on Monday to send a strong message to Julius Malema that inciting violence and intimidating journalists was a serious breach of the Electoral Code of Ethics.

In March, Brown received death and rape threats after Malema posted her cell number on his Twitter account.

She had turned to the courts, seeking a declaration that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) contravened parts of the electoral code. 

Brown had initially lodged a formal complaint with the Electoral Commission of South Africa.

She accidentally posted an editorial message on the EFF’s WhatsApp group, which resulted in her receiving threats on her life and being abused online, allegedly by members of the EFF.

Lawyers representing brown have told the High Court Malema’s screenshot of her editorial message showing her number and accusing her of sending moles to an EFF event were incitement of violence.

While the EFF leader has since apologised, the lawyers said his refusal to immediately condemn the hate speech by his followers was a breach of the Electoral Code of Ethics.

Meanwhile, lawyers representing Malema have argued the matter brought to the court was not urgent and could’ve been heard in the Electoral Court.

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