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MBABANE – There is light at the end of the tunnel for cannabis production for medicinal purposes, as the Eswatini Cannabis Association has officially been registered as a company.
The registration was concluded at the Registrar of Companies under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade.

The association, at first, had difficulty in registering due to certain issues that they had to look into.
One of them was the issue of the word ‘cannabis’ yet Eswatini had not legalized trade in this commodity.
However, this seems to be water under the bridge now, as the association has received its registration documents.

This comes shortly after the Ministry of Health provided the public with a website to view the cannabis regulations regarding the legalisation of dagga for medicinal purposes.    
After viewing the regulations, the public will then be in a position to voice out their views and opinions, and then amendments will be made in accordance to the publics’ opinions.

It should be noted that the association  was only registered as a company and this does not mean that they have been granted a licence to deal in cannabis.


According to Saladin Magagula, Chairman of Eswatini Cannabis Association, the association had been mandated by its members to proudly announce to the entire nation that Eswatini Cannabis Association was fully registered effective of May 2, 2019 by the companies Act of No: 8 of 2009. 
Magugula invited emaswati to join the association. 

“The association has worked tirelessly in its formation and is inviting all emaswati who are interested, to acquire individual membership to join the association for a fee of E100,” he said. 
Magagula also mentioned that the association was open to all forms of participation in the near future, whether it was cooperatives or companies.

 He cited that with effect from May 11, 2019 the association would be on tour, the first stop being Big Bend. 
“The venue and time is yet to be concluded,” he said.

Magagula said the association had been proudly registered on social media platforms such as Facebook, for information gathering, and sharing news and activities, as well as WhatsApp for individual’s enquiries and news activities.
He highlighted that all interested members were supposed to consult administrative members and join on all social media groups mentioned above at no costs.


“These platforms engage people from all walks of life to participate in its well-being with various inputs from various members of society,” he said.  
He said this ranged from various countries that had shown a great interest in Eswatini and the prospects that laid ahead.
 “The association has further engaged in offshore funding product knowledge, expertise and in-depth studies of various products,” he mentioned.  
Magagula said for all people who sought to join the association their full names and addresses were required.

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